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Introductions are a must!

*And here ladies and Gentlemen, is a cartoon superhero a majority of you have probably never heard nor care about even so that's not going to stop him from standing atop of the nearest sky scraper and overlook the hijinks taking place down below!*

"Now hold up a second, I may not see much in this Goldfish bowl of a helmet of mine, But I'm pretty certain this isn't Shuggazoom City...Or maybe it is and I've ended up in some crazy dimension?

Anyway I better stand up here and act real cool like, that way if someone does try anything wacko, I'll be the first on their tails...Assuming they have tails of course."

*The hero in question is one Captain Shuggazoom, sworn defender of Shuggazoom City, evil doers better beware because he's sure to give you something of a hard time. Unfortunatley it's safe to presume this guy has no inner monologue and he's pretty much spoken his mind about his current thoughts, Yea - way to prove to someone you're not crazy right?*
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