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"I'M RUNNING, I'M RUNNING. YAHOOOOO!" [G.I.R. in his dog suit crashes through a bus, causing it to explode.]

"Awwww. I wanted to explode." says the odd green dog with a zipper on it, somehow unscathed from the crash and the likely other crashes before arriving. G.I.R.'s head then opens and a cupcake pops out. "Imaaaa do the cupcake dance!" and G.I.R then starts dancing in the middle of the street while eating the cupcake, and the wrapper.

[ooc: If you are not familiar with the series, watch it nao! G.I.R. is usually like this. If I uae an icon that has red eyes, he is having a rare serious mode.]
Tags: invader zim: g.i.r., taco_dogbot
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